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NEW Mini HD Reading

This reading if offered so that you can taste your Human Design. What's it all about and how might understanding your Type, Aura & Strategy help you in life. Dip your toe into Human Design with this 20 minute reading. A few key pieces can begin your journey of experimenting, awakening and transforming with your Human Design.

Living Your Design

1 Local Class & 2 Long-Distance Human Design is a fascinating journey that changes lives. It is deeply mystical, spiritual and practical – all at the same time. Understanding the depth of who you are and how to navigate the world by making the best decisions for your self is deeply empowering.

Why Human Design?

Ever wonder why things in life are happening? Do you beat yourself up in your head? Do you get upset at the decisions that you make and why? Do you do things because you think you should? How is your health? Are you constantly pressured by others? Are you trying to impact others and make things happen? Do you feel invisible?