Upcoming Classes of Living Your Design
Awakening • Motivating • Transformational • Practical

Human Design is a fascinating journey that changes lives. It is deeply mystical, spiritual and practical – all at the same time.

Understanding the depth of who you are and how to navigate the world by making the best decisions for your self is transforming and deeply empowering.

Many modalities of self-awareness can sound amazing yet they are so esoteric that it is difficult to know where to begin. Not with Human Design. Your biggest hurdle will be your Mind – and while we do not want to make an enemy of your intellect – there is that voice within that is not so friendly or wise.

You will learn:
• Aura • Type • Strategy • Authority
• The 9 Centers: Defined & Open
• The Mind, the Not-self & Conditioning
• The Mechanics of Design and More

We do not live in a cave or on a mountain top by ourselves. We are with other people all the time. Learning the differences between your – true self, conditioning, magnification and the “not-self” – is illuminating and freeing.

Your decisions become your own through following your Strategy & Authority and this is called Living Your Design.

Your body relaxes.
Your mind calms.
Your life blossoms.

LYD Class Details: 12 hours total @ $300
Please select one of the 3 options available:

ONLINE Class: Saturdays
noon-4pm PST / 1-5pm MST / 2-6pm CST / 3-7pm EST
• March 19th, March 26th and April 2nd
• 4 online seats available, minimum 2 in class

ONLINE Class: Tuesdays
9-1pm PST / 10-2pm MST / 11-3pm CST / noon-4pm EST
• March 22nd, March 29th and April 5th
• 4 online seats available, minimum 2 in class

LOCAL Class: April 23rd & 24th
• 9-4pm with 30 min break for lunch
• Minimum 3 per class
• Location: Coralville, Iowa

Payment Options
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If you’d like to invite Pauline to teach a workshop or class in your area or online, please contact her.