Living Steps

Guide Sessions are supportive and empowering.

  • Assisting you in Living Your Design
  • Shining the light on conditioning and not-self
  • Living as YOU is the bottom line.

There are 2 options for Guide Sessions:

  1. Private Sessions
  2. Group Guide Sessions


Cycle Readings are for those in their “Experiment” of Living Their Design.
If you are unclear about what this means then please go back to “Start Here” or “Next Steps“. Setting the foundation for you is important.

  1. Solar Returns:
    1. Before your birth day each year – 1-3 months prior
    2.  Solar Returns show a THEME for the year in the following:
      1. How 30% of the “weather” will shift for the year
      2. Educational, Professional, People in your life, Lessons
  2. Saturn
  3. Uranus
  4. Kiron

For more information on all Cycle Readings.


Partnership Readings


To come: Business Analysis
Please check back this Fall