Classes & Clinics

Classes, Clinics and Workshops are life transforming and the foundation to discovering YOU. Through the personal awareness that you will receive, you may feel inclined to embark upon the experiment of following your Strategy and Authority and this is how you can begin to live your design and be you love you.



Clinics & Group:

  1. The Basics Clinic
  2. Group Guide Sessions
  3. Living Your Design Certified Course
  4. Mini Workshop: coming back soon

 Private Sessions:

  1. Mini Human Design Reading
  2. Learning Your Design
  3. Analysis Reading
  4. Guide Sessions
  5. Cycle Readings
  6. Partnership Readings

Contact Pauline

If you are interested in inviting Pauline to give a class online or in-person.
If you have a recommendation regarding something you would like, please suggest it.