Analysis Reading

FreeChartMandalaAn Analysis Reading will share with you your:

  • Type
  • Strategy
  • Inner Authority
  • Signature
  • Gifts: Defined Channels
  • Definition
  • Open Centers & the Not-Self
  • Profiles
  • Role Gates
  • The Story-Line of the Nodes
  • Your Quarter
  • Incarnation Cross

The Analysis Reading is a very full and exciting reading to have. The blossoming to become you is through understanding your Aura, Type, Strategy & Authority.

Pauline recommends having a “Learning Your Design” reading first to set the stage of understanding your Aura, Type, Strategy, Authority, your 9-Centers defined and/or open.

“Living Your Design” is KEY. It creates the opportunity for you to live and be YOU and provides you with your greatest opportunity to blossom and flower into living your life purpose, cross, gifts and roles and this is what an Analysis Reading is all about.

Analysis Reading is either online, over the phone or in person – recorded

60-75 mins @ $250

Be You Love You, unconditionally