Learning Your Design

iStock_PeaceThis life-transforming and a personal-awakening session is centered specifically on your unique Design. We will review your personal Aura, Type, Strategy, Authority, the 9 Centers defined/open, the Not-Self and the wisdom available to you once Living Your Design.

Learning Your Design will provide you with a strong foundation, an awareness and the information that you need to begin to make sense of how your Mind and conditioning has been running your life. Likely, you believe that the magnification and conditioning coming through your Open Centers is actually YOU and then the Mind takes over making decisions about what it all means for you.

Once you begin to Live Your Design, then the Open Centers begin to shed the conditioning and become the source of great wisdom for you in your life. However, to Live Your Design is to follow your Strategy & Authority and this very personal class on Learning Your Design will provide you with clarity and foundation to begin or go deeper into your “experiment” creating the awareness of YOU.

I have discovered that 3-4 hours is necessary to answer your questions, discuss your design and provide you with the key elements to learn how conditioning and the not-self are controlling your life or tripping you up. It’s an illuminating in-depth focus on your Design.

2 options available:

  • By the hour @ $150 (this is the regular fee for Guide Sessions)
  • Book the 3-4 hour session @ $450
    • *Please note that this session is priced @ a 3-hour fee of $150/hr
    • You may split this session into two 2-hour sessions

Learning Your Design

Your Design is discovered via your birth date, time and place. Time is important. Please look on your birth certificate or in a baby book that you may have. Please click here to have your free chart sent to you. *If you have no idea the time of your birth then there is a great way to determine the time via Vedic Astrology. I highly recommend seeking a “Birth Time Rectification” analysis from Prasannan. Click here to go to his website.

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