Living Your Design Certified Course

iStock_000009494886SmallYou will have the opportunity to learn about all 4 Types, Auras, Strategies and Authorities, the 9 Centers fixed and open, the Not-Self and more.

Take a voyage through learning more about your own Design while learning how the world and people move through each other’s Auras, without saying a word. Personal stories and experiences are brought into the workshop. Often the awareness can create shock and surprise regarding your real-life experiences. Where there is confusion, fear and anxiety regarding your life (health concerns, family dynamics, relationships) you may now have the tools to understand and begin to live as you. This is an unfolding and a discovery of YOU in a group or private class setting. Be You Love You.

Living Your Design Certified Course may be privately scheduled for small groups, family and friends OR come together in group and make new friends.

There are 3 ways to take the Living Your Design Certified course, $325 – recorded
1. 1-on-1
2. Online classroom
3. In-Person course

UPCOMING Classes: Long Distance & Local, click here.

* For the Syllabus  – click here.

 CertifiedLYD400* Living Your Design Student Manual required for Living Your Design programs and workshops. Please click here to purchase. $49.95

Please contact Pauline if you would like to invite her to teach an LYD certified course.

This class is credited toward the IHDS first of three “general education” foundational courses.