Learning Your Design Session:
Pauline Kehoe has that rare mix of academia and wizard’s touch.
Consulting with Pauline made it clear that she really is a uniquely accomplished healer and transformational leader in her field.

I had started a brick & mortar business and followed the path of Solopreneur into overwhelm, exhaust and confusion. Dynamics of relations with clients and affiliates, were draining my passion and enthusiasm. Doing transformational work with my clients, I believed I had to give everything – burnout was my only way out!

1) My health had suffered due to emotional discomfort and I was totally off my center of power.
2) I had been saying YES for so long and did not even know what a real NO felt like or looked like for me. Setting boundaries was at the core of my “body stress”- I could NOT say no.
3) My belief was that giving everything would work out for the best and others would “see” the light.
4) My personal mantra was “I would rather self-destruct than hurt anyone”.

Thru Pauline’s amazing insights and knowledge she helped me break through my lifelong fears of “not rocking the boat” & “not being confrontational”, while shedding light on the dynamics of interactions.

Over the past 6 months I have continued to stand in my own power without guilt. It just feels great to be setting my own agenda for my vision and move towards an Un-Appologetic life.

Thank you Pauline!
Love, Grace and Joy

Learning Your Design Session:
Thank you so much! really.. if I said that 100x it still wouldn’t be enough. The knowledge I gained is priceless. To teach this may become my passion since I now feel inspired!
Pauline, you described my entire life to me in a few hours and I don’t even know you! After living my experiment life has gotten so much smoother and my friendships have gotten mysteriously closer, effortlessly. I feel much more at peace, and my anxiety in general is now almost non-existent. It will be a pleasure to return to one of your seminars whenever you set one up! So do not hesitate to notify me. Paris, Fairfield, IA

Learning Your Design Session:
Pauline Kehoe’s Learning Your Design class is fabulous. I love the online interactive classroom, which allowed me to visually understand exactly what was going on and helped me digest a monumental amount of information in just two hours. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn more about their own authority and how to be true to one’s self.  ~ Erin Reese, Astrologer, San Francisco, CA

LYD Mini Workshop:
Pauline’s Living Your Design workshop was 5 Star!  She presented the material masterfully, and had it organized in a way that made a LOT of information easy to listen to and to understand.  I don’t think that was any small feat!  I would recommend the class to anyone who is interested in Personal Growth and Fulfillment in their lives.  Her class gives you your personal keys to opening the truth of your unique self.’ Susan Smith

LYD Mini Workshop:
I very much enjoyed the mini class. It was the perfect length of time and you covered so much, answering questions and addressing our confusion. The graphic shared about the woman in the chauffeur driven convertible has been forward in my consciousness in the interim as I remind myself to relax and let life happen. Waiting for the invitation can be – as you acknowledged – the biggest challenge. The value of what I learned is immeasurable. KC

Learning Your Design Session:
Words can not really describe what a “trip” embarking on this Living Design “experiment” has been! Many deeper ways to look at how my being a Projector impacts me and the people who been blessed to interact with.
Some of the “jewels” that I can share from this ongoing unfoldment process is my relationship with my daughter (a very precocious 17yr. old) has completely transformed! We are able to connect on a whole other level. Can now energetically feel when we are in “correct” alignment and when we are off.
Also a major shift in my other relationships such as in dealing with my ex-husband (a bone of contention since our divorce 15yrs. ago!),the 3 of us had a peaceful dinner together at his suggestion much to the surprise of both kids.
In conclusion,having my chart being read by you brought in a quality of re-learning about who God truly made me to Be in this world to a whole new level! Would recommend this opportunity to Anyone who wants to know and really live from this place of “inner reliance” that God put into our Hearts and Souls;when feels right for them. With much Grace and Gratitude,
H.B.GibsonSpiritual Teacher/Healer and MQG.Practioner

Learning Your Design Session:
Thank you Pauline.  My Learning Your Design Class with you was mind-blowing and clarified a lot of questions I had.  Your transmission went deep into my being and I could feel it impacting my cellular structure.  You helped me know without doubt how it’s not enough to just know my design but to ‘live it!  You helped me understand what is correct for me personally to live my ‘experiment’.  As I witness this new way of being in the world I am beginning to understand what you meant by how living this way releases past conditioning. It’s radical!  I appreciated especially your support, clarity and gentle delivery of this new way of being for me. -MFleming, life purpose hand analyst, coach

Learning Your Design Session:
I have goose bumps all over. I’ve just had my first “learning your design” class with Pauline and WOW…..such an incredible experience! She literally explained my inner self and life right back to me! What validating and empowering knowledge. I’m so excited to start living a more relaxed and resistance free life as I start living my design….Informing as I go along….. 🙂 I’m left with feelings of acceptance, inspiration, excitement and a much more in-depth understanding of who I truly am.  Thank you Pauline for your guidance and support! I look forward to more classes with you in the future. Love Love Love.xoxo -Avalon

Learning Your Design Session:
How does one properly describe something that changed their life in just one hour?  My “Learning Your Design” class with Pauline did just that.  It felt as though my ENTIRE LIFE was being explained to me!  There were moments when I felt so validated and understood that it was difficult to hold back tears.  I can honestly say that I was left with a feeling of hope, peace, and excitement…FINALLY equipped with the knowledge to be able to live my life the way it was meant to be lived.  EVERYONE should have this experience! THANK YOU, Pauline!!  -Carlos S.

Learning Your Design Session:
My Learning Your Design class with Pauline was SO incredibly helpful!  It put language around things I hadn’t been able to fully OWN about myself until our session.  Her explanations of my make up also profoundly increased my compassion for myself in that she taught me that these things I thought were “problems” about me are just HOW I AM.  Plus, now that I know my strategy and where, in my body, my authority originates, I feel so much more relaxed, calm and clear.  I know that I not only don’t HAVE to “push the river,” but that when I try, I’m actually harming myself and making a muck-ery OF the river!  I can’t wait to have another, EVEN deeper session soon, so I can learn even more useful things about how my system is designed, and all the ways I can continue to accept and forgive myself for being JUST WHO I AM!  Thank you, Pauline!   So much love to you! Katie R., Actress, Solo Show Performer, Comic, Healer

Learning Your Design Session:
Thank you so much, Pauline. Your class will help me live life so much more relaxed !!! and I am looking forward to experiencing the ‘new energy’ which will come from that – my body/mind THANK YOU!!! A.R.K.