Mini Human Design Reading: Private

Human Design is so crazy cool and life changing.

This reading is a “Mini HD Reading” of what is really most important for you to begin to understand what Human Design is for YOU and how it will help you in life.

This Mini Human Design Reading will review your:

  • Aura, Type, Strategy and Authority.
  • Discover the basics of your Type and what that means.
  • Learn about your Aura and how it is communicating all the time.
  • Learn that your Strategy is based on your Type.
  • Begin to understand your Authority.
  • You have an internal guidance system for making decisions in life
  • What is being in your “experiment” of Human Design and what exactly does that mean
  • Life will begin to shift and you will blossom as a result of being in your experiment of following your Strategy & Authority.
  • Next step or go there now if you like is: Learning Your Design

30 minutes @ $90
60 minutes @ $150
phone reading or online classroom session

Mini HD Reading