The Basics Clinic: 2 to 4

You have your Human Design chart, now what?Sacral.MG

This is a clinic format where you will learn about the basics of your Design and the basics of other Designs. Since there is room for 4 participants we could have all 4 Designs which gives you the opportunity to hear a bit about the 3 other Types.

If there are 4 of one Type then you will likely have the opportunity to learn even more about your own Type and Design through listening.

This Basics Clinic will review your:

  • Aura, Type, Strategy and Authority.
  • Discover the basics of your Type and what that means.
  • Learn about your Aura and how it is communicating all the time.
  • Learn that your Strategy is based on your Type.
  • Begin to understand your Authority.
  • You have an internal guidance system for making decisions in life
  • What is being in your “experiment” of Human Design and what exactly does that mean
  • Life will begin to shift and you will blossom as a result of being in your experiment of following your Strategy & Authority.

If you would like a private Mini HD Reading or go straight to the Learning Your Design sessions, that is super. Follow what is correct for you.

20 minutes each @ $75 to attend
80 minutes total for 4 participants.
If we have 2 participants, then 40 mins, etc

Clinic will be at my online classroom, fully recorded real-time
This is an interactive space where you can ask questions
* You may participate in the clinic more than once.
This is a great way to hear something different about your Design and to learn about other Designs which can be very illuminating.

Birth month, day, year
Time and Place