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The focus of this section is to describe the basic elements communicated to you when receiving your FREE Human Design or Rave BodyGraph.
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Your chart is based on your:
• Birth date (month/day/year)
• Birth time (which is very important)
• Birth place (city/state/country)

A note regarding your birth time:
Please look on your birth certificate or in a baby book. Please do not select a random time because your chart can be wildly different depending on the time. If you are curious, then input a time, but please research it and do not have any readings or sessions without looking into your time of birth.
**If your birth time is unknown then there is a great way to determine the time via Vedic Astrology. I highly recommend seeking a “Birth Time Rectification” analysis from Prasannan. Click here to go to his website.

Chart Results:(the following chart results are specific to the chart shown to the right.)

  1. Type:    Manifestor
  2. Profile:    5 / 1
  3. Not Self Theme:    Anger
  4. Strategy:    To Inform
  5. Definition:
    Single Definition
  6. Inner Authority:    Splenic
  7. Incarnation Cross:    Left Angle Cross of The Clarion (51/57 | 61/62)

The following information is provided to you when receiving your chart and BodyGraph.

Please have your BodyGraph in front of you when reviewing this basic information page.
To receive your FREE Human Design chart please click here.

1. TYPE:
There are four unique Types

  1. Generator (which includes Manifesting Generator)
  2. Projector
  3. Manifestor
  4. Reflector

AURA: –this information is not included in your “free” BodyGraph chart.
Each Type has a unique Aura, it is a 6 foot radial energy. It has a language all its own and it is a non-communicative communication that is happening all the time. This means that you need 12 feet in all directions to be in your own Aura. It is super important to understand your Aura, how it exists for your Type and what that means for you and everyone else who comes into contact with you.

  1. Generators & Manifesting Generators: Open & Enveloping Aura
  2. Projectors: Penetrating Aura
  3. Manifestors: Repelling Aura
  4. Reflectors: Sampling Aura

 2. PROFILE: Profiles
The Profiles are numbers like 1/3, 4/6, 6/2 and they go from 1 to 6 with twelve different combinations of numbers possible. Each of the six numbers, 1-6, have a Role and they are related directly to the six lines that make up the hexagrams of the I Ching.

This topic is more advanced but I am putting the information here for you since it is given to you on your free BodyGraph chart.

Some of the names for these sound a little odd but don’t take it personally because it is actually illuminating once understood.

Not-Self Themes are specific to each Type and if the Strategy and Authority is not followed then the Not-Self Theme is present. (Strategy & Authority are listed below.)

• Generator or Manifesting Generator Not-Self Theme is Frustration and the Goal is Satisfaction.
• Projector Not-Self Theme is Bitterness and the Goal is Success.
• Manifestor Not-Self Theme is Anger and the Goal for the Manifestor is Peace.
• Reflector Not-Self Theme is Disappointment and the Goal is Surprise.

Most are conditioned to go out and manifest to create their success in the world, this is however is only correct for the Manifestor Strategy and Manifestors are only 7% of humanity. The other 93% have a Strategy related to some form of waiting (Wait to Respond, Wait for the Invitation or Wait for the Cycle of the Moon).

  1. 70% of humanity are Generators/Manifesting Generators Types and their Strategy is to Wait to Respond and the Aura really gets involved here (as with all types) but the Generator Type has an open and enveloping Aura that is always drawing energy (people, experiences, opportunities) toward them without manifesting, it just happens, but only when following Strategy and Authority.
  2. The Projector Strategy is Wait to be Invited. Projectors are the guides, and store information within them for the other. If a Projector offers any information what-so-ever without an invitation the backlash can be minimal to monumental and it hurts the Projector while also creating resistance with the other Type(s). The Projector Aura is very much involved (as are all Auras with Types) but in this case it can be particularly painful and confusing for the Projector and the other Type. Projectors are only guides when they are invited (Strategy) and follow their Inner Authority to know if it’s a good invitation to accept.
  3. The Manifestor Strategy is here to Inform. Most Manifestors have been conditioned not to be Manifestors while everyone else is trying their best to be one. Their Aura is “repelling” because they are here to create Impact and Inform prior to Manifesting. Most Manifestors are living as Projectors, Generators or Manifesting Generators. Following your Inner Authority will guide you to know when taking action by informing is correct for you or not.
  4. The Reflector Strategy is to Wait a Lunar Cycle before taking action or making decisions and there is much to say about Reflectors and how unique and amazing they are at only 2% of humanity. This means waiting a full 27.5 days before making any decision.

The Definitions can effect how you feel by yourself and with others and the Definition is separate from Type, Strategy and Authority (this topic is getting more into the mechanics of the BodyGraph). There are 9 Centers in the BodyGraphs, the “Centers” are the shapes. They are either Defined/Color or Undefined/White.

  1. Single Definition is when all the Centers defined in a BodyGraph are connected. This means that the person has a reliable and consistent flow of energy or experience of themselves throughout their definition.
  2. Split Definition is when all of the Centers defined in a chart are not connected and need either one gate to complete the split, several gates or a whole channel or more. Those who have a Split Definition and need one gate then need to be around other people’s auras to connect these two parts together. Often people with Split Definitions can feel that they are the problem or that they are missing something within themselves. For folks who need a full channel to bridge a split then often they feel that the world is the problem.
  3. Triple-Split Definition is when there are three connected yet separate areas of a BodyGraph. People with Triple-Splits need several bridges (through being in another’s aura) to connect all three areas. They can often work really well in a coffee shop or any public place because all of the auras connect their Triple-Split Definition.
  4. Quadruple-Split Definition is very uncommon and there are four connected areas of the BodyGraph that are not connected to each other. Likely, there is not one Aura that can connect them.

Authority is varied and not specific to Type except when a Sacral Generator or Sacral Manifesting Generator. This variation is represented in the chart below.
Authority is mostly an Inner-Authority that you have built right into you. I say ‘mostly’ here because the Reflector Authority is Lunar and the Mental Projected Projector Authority is the Environment. All other Authorities are Inner Authorities.AuthorityGraph2

  1. The Splenic Authority is Truth in the NOW.
    This means that you know in the NOW and this does not mean wait around to think about something. There are two Types that can have a Splenic Authority and to be correct for your Type you must follow your Strategy as well as your Authority (aka Inner Authority). For example, the Splenic Manifestor will know in the now and then Inform; the Splenic Projector will know in the now if an Invitation is correct for them.
  2. The Sacral Authority responds in the moment to yes or no questions.
    This Authority is only for the Generator or the Manifesting Generator. The Sacral is a Motor and makes sounds to determine yes or no. The Sacral Authority Generator or Manifesting Generator will know if they have the energy to support doing something or not.
  3. The Solar Plexus Authority is about waiting through the emotional wave to know and have clarity because there is no truth in the now.
    There are three Types that could have the Solar Plexus Authority and they are a Manifestor, Generator/Manifesting Generator and Projector. Waiting through the Emotional Wave means there can be no spontaneous decisions and that decisions need to go through a chemical emotional wave to make decisions. This Inner Authority is a bit more complex.
  4. The Ego Authority has a knowing from the Heart, Will and Ego.
    The Heart Center stores the ego and the will. There are two types that could have this Authority and they are an Ego Manifestor and a Ego-Projected Projector. The Ego Authority has the heart and will-power behind all that you do if you are following your Strategy and Authority correctly. The Ego Manifestor will Inform and have Impact verbally in the moment, while the Ego-Projected Projector will wait for the Invitation and determine if the invitation is correct for them through knowing which is not from the Mind but from the Will.
  5. The Self-Projected Authority is through hearing what you are saying to know if something is correct for you or not. This is done through sharing with someone upon whom you are not in a discussion with but you need to hear your own voice and hear your own truth. Like all Inner Authorities, this take practice and why we call following your Strategy & Authority at “experiment” to live your design.
  6. The Mental-Projected Authority has a powerful mind yet their authority is through gathering sensory information from the environment via their openness. This Authority needs to hear it’s own voice and words to know it’s truth.
  7. The Lunar Authority has awareness after the 28.5 day lunar cycle.
    This Authority is only for Reflectors. If you are a Reflector then a transit chart of your Lunar Cycle is key as well as waiting through a full Lunar Cycle to make decisions.

Incarnation Crosses
house your life purpose and your unique contribution to make during your lifetime. What the Incarnation Cross can share with you is your potential available to you only through following your Strategy and Authority. This information is more advanced yet it is given on your Free BodyGraph so it is mentioned here.

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