ALL about YOU

The KEYS to Living Your Design – living, loving and understanding your true self –  are through your Aura, Strategy & Authority. This is absolutely the most important part of Human Design. There is a ton of information available to you through readings but none of it matters unless you are following your Strategy & Authority, literally. The importance of Strategy & Authority is often stated yet somehow the depth of importance can be easily missed particularly when juicy and fun information about your Design is shared.

Once you are Living Your Design, which means following your Strategy & Authority, then you will blossom and be on your “trajectory” living YOU in this life.

If you are someone who feels deeply that Human Design is the key but you haven’t quite figured out how to make it “work” for you and you are searching for the answers then please go deeper into the foundation of your Design, this is absolutely where your opportunity is to Be You Love You, unconditionally.

The newest offering is a Mini HD Reading of 20 minutes. This will give you the opportunity to learn about your Design and begin your own journey of discovering you.

Learning Your Design is an inter-active 4-hour session that will go over your personal Design specifically – Aura, Type, Strategy, Authority, your 9 Centers both “open” and “defined”. This session is illuminating and my personal recommendation is to start with this session first and foremost, even if you’ve already had many analysis readings on your Design. For more information on Learning Your Design.

The other option is to take the Living Your Design certified course which is the first foundational class of Human Design. It will learn about all 4 Types and their Strategies & Authority. Here is the syllabus.

Guide Sessions are available because we all need assistance in the de-conditioning process and following Strategy & Authority and I’d like to assist you in achieving Living Your Design.

Be You Love You, unconditionally