The Key Components

The 2 key components are following your Strategy and Inner Authority.

You don’t need to study and learn Human Design to deeply benefit from it.
You don’t
I swear.
The BASICS of your Design are the KEY.
If you want to learn the information of Human Design, awesome.

I have come across so many people that have had a Human Design reading and they drowned in the information, the whole point and the richness of Human Design was lost. I experienced this myself. I could FEEL the importance of it all but I could just not figure out how it was really going to help me and then, I got it. The key components were hidden under a mountain of information. “Hidden” is key here because when you hear that it’s ALL about following your Strategy & Authority and you don’t actually understand what that means for YOU then that’s a problem so that is the place to start.

Human Design changed my life and I am hooked.

My #1 primary focus in my life is to help you achieve the self-awareness and transformation that you are seeking to achieve. Human Design is not a belief system, religion, cult or meant in any way to be dis-empowering. What a relief!

I can provide you with the tools of YOU and your very own user’s manual.
It’s your “experiment” just as if this were a science experiment being done in your own kitchen. You may “blow up the kitchen” every now and then. What’s so cool about Human Design is that you’ll be able to figure out what happened and how.

If you seek assistance then I’m available for guide sessions, tune-ups and juicy morsels meetings about YOU after you begin to live it. The depth of your Design is beyond the beyond but Strategy & Authority is #1 because you are not on the blossoming path of Human Design until you begin to follow your Strategy and Authority. I’m sorry to say it so bluntly but that’s the simple truth. Focus there and there alone, Strategy & Authority.

Human Design saves me every dang day!
I am so grateful. Life just becomes so much easier including decisions, life events, relationships, jobs and interactions of all kinds. They begin to make sense.

“Your Strategy, your Authority, and your Definition all start adding up to whom you are and how you get there and stay there. Authority and Strategy together, everyday that’s my mantra: follow your Strategy and honor your Authority. Honor your Inner Authority. This is how you get to self-love; this is how you get to purpose. So of course, it’s important in the sense of being able to recognize it.” Ra Uru Hu

You are unique and Human Design is called the Science of Differentiation because there is no one like YOU and you are amazing!

Be You Love You, unconditionally