Why Human Design?


Human Design is illuminating and life transforming but don’t believe me, find out for yourself. That’s the KEY to Human Design, it’s ALL about YOU. This is self-aware-conscious-selfishness.

Human Design literally shines the light on who you are as well as on the places that are not your truth or where your Mind is leading the show and making decisions for YOU. *The Mind can never be the Authority no matter what the Design, Type, Strategy & Authority.

Ever wonder why things in life are happening?
Do you beat yourself up in your head?
Do you get upset at the decisions that you make and why?

Do you do things because you think you should?
Are you constantly pressured by others?
Are you trying to impact others and make things happen?
Do you feel you need to repeat yourself, a lot?
Are you seen and heard?
Do you feel invisible?

Would you like to have clarity and understanding about:
Who are you?
What are you here to do in life and your gifts?
How to make the best decisions for yourself?
Would you like to trust yourself?
Do you want to have health and balance?
Would you like to live life with less resistance and friction?

Are you curious to learn your internal strength to make decisions?
Are you interested in learning how you are purely unique?

Making decisions is a huge part of life and being able to make the best decisions for yourself with a blueprint specific to YOU is highly valuable. It can effect your health, job, family, relationships and more. The wonder of you is available to Be You Love You, unconditionally.

There is an amazing amount of information in Human Design but Human Design is not about information, it’s about being YOU. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in what are the KEY elements to Being You and they are Type, Aura, Strategy & Authority.

2 New offerings:
1. Clinic: 2-4 attendees: The Basics Clinic, 20 minutes each @ $75
2. Private: Mini HD Reading, 30 minutes @ $90
Be You Love You, unconditionally